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The company’s mission is to create and develop unique, valuable brands and enthusiastic teams that will bring these brands into life.


“Braňo, stood at the birth of the Rajec brand and progressed into the leader of the bottled water market in Slovakia. As Marketing Director, he also strategically developed other brands in the portfolio (Kofola, Vinea,…) and, last but not least, the marketing team. One of his talents, a current marketing director, is still one of the pillars of the company. ”

Jannis Samaras – General Director and owner of Kofola

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‘’…we had an excellent consultant – Braňo Burák, who is also our marketing guru and started with us…’’ In the end of 2019, iRobot broke the limits of 100,000 robots sold in Slovakia, with more than 50% market share.

Denisa Kadorová – a co-owner of PLAY Electronics

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“The name of the Braňo´s company: BrandOn, is exactly what perhaps describes him most. Braňo has the ability to look at the company and brand comprehensively and from above. In this way he also managed the Lunter Rebranding for us.”

Juraj Lunter – CEO ALFA BIO


“With BMW brand, Team BrandOn helped us solve a use of fleet resources for marketing purposes within the project named “Spread joy”. The goal was to bring a premium brand experience to a potential client. The team created one of the profiles for a process of test drives, that we successfully used also in other projects.”

Milan Stupka – Corporate Communications Manager BMW SR


“With MINI brand, Team BrandOn consulted in both strategic and operational approaches to market opportunities. The team brought new perspectives and creative “Love brand” inspiration. The projects were included in MINI Best Practice Worldwide – which was a great award for Slovakia.”

Milan Stupka – Corporate Communications Manager BMW SR


“Cooperation with Braňo and his team on rebranding of Smetol brand and other projects has been very inspiring for me. He focuses on the essence and has a unique ability to create “this will be a big thing” atmosphere. He is a top professional in marketing and brand building, willing to share his experience.
Last but not least: Braňo is a natural and authentic coach who is able to get the best out of you in a pleasant and relaxed way. ”

Martin Šajdík – Managing Director Beluša Foods



“Braňo´s task was to build a new marketing team and create a Marketing Strategy for the main brands of SHP Group, operating in various business segments in the CEE and Balkan markets. In a relatively short time, he managed to build a functional young team, which under his leadership was eager to implement new strategies. One of the results was a comprehensive rebranding of Harmony brand.”

Karol Ponesz – Chief commercial officer and member of the Board of Directors of SHP Group


Another project within marketing strategy was “A rebirth of the Czechoslovak icon“: Harmasan toilet paper. This brand, forgotten in the SHP portfolio for years, got a new chance to live with a complete rebranding and an engaging story.

Listen how Boris Farkaš (Slovak popular actor) retells it…


A particularly interesting project was the resurrection of the original brand produced in paper mills in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) for the Balkans: Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia. The Celex brand had a similar history and features as Harmasan in our country, so together with the local team we kicked off its positioning and added Balkan features and references to positive moments that remained in their heads and especially in their hearts. It was a very inspiring and Balkan spirited project…