How do we work?

Maybe a little differently than you're used to in marketing, or advertising agencies…


Our working approach is based on many years of work experience in strategic and tactical projects in the CEE region, or in internal positions at various levels of management, or later as an external partner.

We base our philosophy on a belief and very good personal experience that marketing should be a way of managing a company and its main strategic tool in deciding on its future.

We deal with companies and their plans comprehensively, mostly in cooperation directly with the owners, or CEO’s, Marketing, Sales, but also Operations and HR departments.

We look for intersections of unique solutions with the needs of your consumers –

present, or even better, future ones.

We study carefully and listen attentively to everything that is crucial and related to the history and experience of our clients. Together with them, we go through discussions / workshops by analyzing their story, customers, consumers, markets, segments, brands, products, competitors,… and look for “puzzles or small pieces” that will allow us to discover new opportunities and build a unique strategy.

Just perfect knowledge of specifics in the client business, that the client himself knows the best, and at the same time, and by recognizing the expectations of a potential consumer, something special can happen.

Our principles


  • We love uniqueness,

    because we don’t feel like wasting time copying other people’s strategies and we don’t think it even makes long-term sense for the client.

  • We look for simple solutions,

    because they are easiest to memorize and remember, and they are remembered for a long time… to their discovery often lead to complicated paths, but it is worth to follow.

  • We care for details,

    because we believe that it is the detail that differs the unique from average.

  • We are open and honest,

    because we work so well, and there is no point in confusing a consumer or client. Sooner or later they would definitely find out.

The best start
is to talk
about your ideas

Then we will propose a tailor-made solution, whether it concerns:

– business strategy
– creation of a new brand
– rebranding
– brand communication
– construction or reconstruction of the team
– mentoring of key people
– communication sales-marketing

We will be happy to discuss it over nice lunch or coffee under the Bojnice castle.

If you don´t want to drive our shattered roads, you can be picked up by plane. 😉