Rebranding legend.

There are brands that do not lose their charm even after years passing. Especially when they associate us with the scent of home or holidays at grandmother´s… For me, Smetol is one of such brands. The brand, which for some time, in the recipes of our grandmothers, lent its name to the whole category.

The question whether I would help with rebranding of this brand was therefore not a question for me 😉. It was an honour and an experience for me to work on this project, which recently have reached the retail counters.

And since even the traditional brand, or directly that one, should look ahead, Smetol together with the Rebranding brand also brings a new product to the market – margarine without palm oil.


For pre-Christmas baking, consumers can try a unique product with traditional features and a more modern view of the world.


I would like to thank the team of masters of their craft from the company Beluša Foods, especially the Managing Director – Martin Šajdík for their trust, willingness and courage to take bigger steps forward… and the study of visual communication Pergamen for a clean, elegant and concisely design solution.